52 Weeks of Color II: Amazon … and a final AlphaBrat goodbye!

by alphabrat a.k.a. Pink Sommerfeld

Amazon_002 480

Amazon_005 480

Amazon_012a 480

Mini Dress: Leah Blue/Green ~ Elate!
Boots: Prestige Boots Dark Brown Suede ~ Bax
Jewelry: TDR Fusion #002 – Necklace ~ Kunglers
Manicure: Prim Nails ~ Sexy Mamas
Lipcolor: Kumi – Matte Lips – Spice ~ Pink Fuel
Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Egyptian Blue ~ Ikon
Hair: Alice Mesh Hair – Chocolate ~ Wasabi Pills
Skin: Elle BR Tan 18 ~ Belleza

The final color of The Challenge (now and forever) is Amazon, a cool shade of green. It’s cooled off even more by being paired with the blue here and it turned out beautifully, I think! It’s sad to see The Color Challenge go, but I’d like to give thanks to Luna Jubilee for hosting this challenge for two full years; it has been an inspiration to all of us at AlphaBrat Gets Dressed and many other fashion fans in Second Life. Great job, Luna!

I would also like to take this moment to announce that this blog will be ending with this final post. When I started it three years ago, it was simply a way to gain creative insight into my “real world” art work. Learning to put design elements together in this new format proved to be exactly what I needed to breathe new life into my work. Turning the blog into a group project after a while brought a lot of fun and sharing into it and I will always cherish working with my fellow ‘Brats. (Dex, Danica, Abby, and Adam, I love you all so much!)

So what happens next?

Well, this blog will remain intact for archival purposes. However the big news is that there is going to be a spin-off of AlphaBrat Gets Dressed, authored by our own Danica Rosenstar, entitled Dressing Danirose. The format will be slightly different, the outfits a little less conservative at times, and will feature the same beautiful photography (by Adam Rosenstar) that you are used to seeing here. The launch is set for this New Year’s Day. Please go to the site, bookmark it, and wait for the fun to begin!

I wish you all the best in your Second Life endeavors, and even though I won’t be participating in-world any longer, I will enjoy following everyone’s posts on the feeds.

With much love XXOoXoOXoXOxOXoxo ~