52 Weeks of Color: 15 Favorites

by alphabrat a.k.a. Pink Sommerfeld

Row 1. Pink, Sepia, Moss Green
Row 2. Bronze, Eggplant, Olive
Row 3. Neon Carrot, White, Electric Blue
Row 4. Blue, Mauve, Black
Row 5. Ruby, Sienna, Sky Blue

Here they are: My favorite Alphabrat photographs taken during the 52 Weeks of Color Challenge!

It was fun (and eye-opening) to go back and review all of the images from the past year. It always surprises me when I realize the amount of emotional connection that I have with my own avatar and the avs of others. Isn’t it strange to look at a picture of a virtual character and say “Awww…look how much she has changed!” or “He looks so cute in that outfit; it really suits his personality.”

It sort of warps my mind – after all, they are just virtual characters!

Or are they more than that?

Until next time… XoOXoXOXOOox