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Hee! :)

by alphabrat a.k.a. Pink Sommerfeld

Soph Harlow’s blogger prompt to show your newbie avatar and your current avatar has yielded a couple of gold nuggets. My God, I was such a dweeb! In order to ease my newbie pain, I twisted my partner’s arm and had him send me his “only known” avatar baby picture. (I am sure he has dozens more and just doesn’t want me to see them… =cough=…) He’s such a good sport, really!

Here are the pics. Mine are from May 2008 and present day:

And here are Dex’s pics. They are from July 2008 and Christmas 2009 — his current form.

We’d both like to thank Lorac Farella, the very talented creator of our Pulse skins. Her beautiful work on top of our self-made shapes seems to be a perfect combination for us. Since we found her skins, neither of us has worn anything else.

I’d also like to thank the great clothing designers who provide such well-made and pretty clothing for my avatar to wear and experiment with. It’s such a boost to my creativity when I am having a slow day in the painting studio and has often gotten me out of an artistic block. Bless you all!



Three Little Things and a bit more…

by alphabrat a.k.a. Pink Sommerfeld

Here is my response to the question asked by The 3 Fashionteers.

What are the three items in my inventory that I couldn’t part with? It was easy to choose:

The first is my huge factory building that I use for the Infinitepink Art Gallery: the Ysabelle Redux Built by Akio Moonsoo of FOUNDRY. It’s ideal for displaying my work because there is plenty of wide open space and very high ceilings so art may exhibited salon style. There’s even room for a little studio. Plus, the texturing and architectural details are superb! I bought this building (as well as almost every other FOUNDRY structure) the first month that I rezzed in-world and nothing else can compare to it. It’s a keeper!

Inventory item #2:

My CWS Photostudio System. I’ve tried others, but this is the one I always return to and it’s permanently rezzed at my Chiaroscuro Photography Studio.

And last, but not least, Inventory item #3:

My new JCNY Athena ‘ICONOCLAST’ Engagement Ring. It’s so pretty (I love the heart shaped solitaire!) and it was given to me with genuine love and affection. Goes great with my football jersey and sweatpants too, dontcha think? Hehe.


So, those are the three things I can’t do without. Now I’d like to take a moment to voice my opinion on the Top Three Things that no one should have in their inventory. (Feel free to play along and blog about your own selections, too.)

1. Mouth Toys. Are you so immature and orally fixated that you can’t walk around in a virtual environment without a mitten, a cookie, or some other goofy looking thing hanging out of your yap? For God’s sake, knock it off. It’s not cute, it’s disturbing.

2. Facial piercings. These are also just plain wrong. No, they don’t give you street cred or make you look fierce. They make the beautiful skin that you spent so much time carefully choosing look like you are covered in nasty metallic zits and blackheads. Grossssss… and guess what? People are laughing about it. Is that enough to make you stop? I hope so.

3. Talking Pregnancy Belly. These are SO annoying that they leave me breathless sometimes. No, I don’t care that you and Pixel Pete jumped on the Xcite bed and now you’re knocked up. No, I don’t care that your feet are swelling and you need to eat some cottage cheese at your pixel baby’s request. NO, I don’t care. NO ONE DOES. We’re here to do our own thing, not listen to your chat spamming baby gut. Using one of those things is the equivalent of walking around with a sock puppet in your offline life and expecting people to appreciate how magical you are because you can make it baby talk.

Get it? Got it? Good.

Whew. Guess I got a little ranty there. Oh well, I feel better now and I bet some of you were reading those words and cheering me on. (I know I am not alone in my opinions; I’m just usually the squeaky wheel of the bunch.)


More again soon, my friends…
<3 Pink Sommerfeld a.k.a. The AlphaBrat


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